Drug rehab in Jacksonville is intended to help those struggling with their addictions to overcome the problem of dependency. Many people wish they could overcome their substance abuse issues, but they really don’t know what is required to achieve this result. A wise strategy would be to seek out professional help for substance abuse recovery. We can help.

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No one should try to eliminate alcohol or drug dependency on their own. The chances of success are slim, and attempts to quit using drugs on your own can be dangerous. Professional drug abuse treatment for residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas is monitored by trained and caring professionals. This increases the chances of success and may put you on a much better and safer path in life. Approximately 2.6 million people did seek out such treatment in 2009, according to a research survey, so you’ll know that you are not alone.

Unless you have gone through addiction treatment, you may not know what to expect. Maybe all you know about these programs is what you have seen on television. Learning about the proper treatment of substance abuse allows you to make a more informed decision about checking into drug rehab. The learning process also helps with revealing what to expect while undergoing treatment. Knowing a bit about what to expect makes the decision to enter a program more comforting.

Generally, there are two major forms of drug rehab for residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas: inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment.


Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug rehab refers to the process in which you check into a facility for around-the-clock, 24/7 care. No matter what particular addiction you might be suffering from, the severity of the addiction might require effective medical supervision in order for you to safely break free of the condition.

The first step in the process is drug detox. This refers to the process in which time is given to eliminate the presence of drugs from the system. Detox does not occur overnight. When you check into a facility for drug detox in Jacksonville, or anywhere for that matter, many factors are tied into your recovery. Different drugs may take longer or shorter times to detox from. Detoxification may be more dangerous with certain substances than others. Regardless, the drug detox period must be completed under supervision in a controlled environment to ensure maximum safety. The early stages of drug detox can be tough because the body and mind both suffer from the physical and mental effects of withdrawal.

Drug detox is not the only part of drug rehab. Therapy is a major part of all recovery and addiction treatment. There may be underlying issues that contribute to drug or alcohol problems. Engaging in therapy with counselors allows for the opportunity to discuss personal issues that may be contributing to continued dependency.

Group therapy is also a major part of inpatient drug rehab in Jacksonville, or anywhere in the U.S. There is no reason to feel alone in the world when dealing with addiction recovery. Working through your situation with others and listening to others during group therapy could be a good experience for someone hoping to overcome their addiction once and for all.

Family support is also a very beneficial component of the recovery process. Family members can provide an invaluable source of validation and encouragement that helps an individual to better address some of the underlying causes of their addiction. In some instances, there may be co-dependency issues that need to be addressed. Steps can be taken in this direction to better serve you during your inpatient drug abuse program.

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What else to expect in drug rehab

Inpatient treatment can include many activities that not only help make a stay more comfortable but also allow the process to be more productive. Physical activities related to exercise and health are integrated into the process. Unique steps, including art therapy, are often utilized in the rehab process thanks to the creative inspiration that often comes from this type of treatment.

Various other pursuits take place. Equine therapy, also known as horse-assisted therapy, has grown in popularity. [2] Nearly any type of hobbyist activity can be appreciated in the realm of rehabilitative therapy. Inpatient drug treatment is a very serious process, but there can be many enjoyable activities and treatment procedures that make the process a positive one.

What Does Outpatient Therapy Involve?

Outpatient drug treatment therapy involves traveling to meet with a therapist to work on the recovery process. After the session, you would go back home. There is no checking into a residential facility. Outpatient therapy is often a part of the recovery process after inpatient therapy has been completed. It may be possible to take part in outpatient treatment without inpatient treatment on a case-by-case basis.

The ability to work with a counselor in therapy sessions is not the only benefit to outpatient rehab treatment. You would be able to go on with your daily tasks in life since outpatient therapy sessions are limited to set times each week. Continuing with your job or taking care of your family can be done without any interference. You can take part in hobbies or other activities designed to cut down on stress when you’re not in a therapy session.

If you’re not sure whether you’d benefit more from outpatient or inpatient drug abuse treatment, it may be best to discuss it with an experienced substance abuse recovery professional. No matter what you choose, full recovery is possible. We hope to help assist you in finding the right approach to your drug addiction recovery.

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